P3ProSwing™ Introduces Classic Model

BETHEL, Me. (December 3, 2010) – P3ProSwing™, an award-winning golf-swing analyzer, instructional aid and simulator, has introduced its new Classic model for home or business. The Classic features integrated video-capture software and one free custom-designed virtual golf course, Highlands National, a 7,393-yard, 18-hole, par-72 championship golf course. The Classic also is compatible with the new virtual golf courses introduced by P3ProSwing™ earlier this year.

“We are pleased to add the P3ProSwing™ Classic to our offerings for individual golfers and instructors,” said Jay Russo, managing director of P3ProSwing™. “The Classic is valuable for practice, teaching, indoor play and game improvement.”

P3ProSwing™ is a Technology Partner of the PGA Center for Learning and Performance in Port St. Lucie, Fla.

About the P3ProSwing™ Classic

About P3ProSwing™

For more information, see www.p3proswing.com.
Highly accurate, versatile and portable, P3ProSwing™, launched in 2003, is in use by golf instructors, club fitters and individual golfers throughout the U.S. and abroad. P3ProSwing™’s extensive features include launch angle and video capture, including line drawing, further enhancing its in-depth swing analysis information. P3ProSwing™ offers instructors, club fitters and players a comprehensive understanding of individual swings, leading to greater game improvement.

Aside from its use for swing analysis and club fitting, P3ProSwing™ also includes an entertainment package with three competitive features: long drive, closest-to-the-pin and hole-in-one contests. P3ProSwing™ is enjoyed for its entertainment value as well as for its swing-analysis capability.

Recognized for its easy-to-use quality and superior design, P3ProSwing™ analyzes swings and provides for simulated rounds using high-tech graphics and sensors. P3ProSwing™, used with a laptop computer and a digital video camera, allows golfers to receive instant feedback with any club, with or without a golf ball. Measurements include club-face angle, swing path, angle of attack, hit distance, club-head speed and swing tempo. Shots may be practiced from any location on the simulated golf course. Computer graphics show the ball’s flight path and actual landing location, whether in the rough, on the fairway or the green. Players may practice on the putting green or on the driving range; the advanced golfer may hone in on draws or fades. The system allows up to a foursome to play a round of golf on the included golf course, with the opportunity to add more courses.

In addition to direct-to-consumer sales from its Web site, P3ProSwing™ is sold through major partners including some of the nation’s largest golf retail groups, such as Golfsmith and Golf Etc. P3ProSwing™ is a subsidiary of Sports Vision Technologies, developing new advanced technologies in sports.

In addition to integrated video-capture software and the Highlands virtual golf course, the Classic also features the P3ProSwing™ sensor unit, golf swing-analyzer software, dynamic putting green, virtual driving range and accessories. The P3ProSwing™ Classic Swing Analyzer consists of a 9″ x 14″ high-tech sensing platform and software program that measures and captures the information from 65 optical elements to create an instant visual representation of a golfer’s swing data. An accurate, objective, scientific analysis of each swing is provided, whether the golfer takes his swings on the virtual driving range or on the virtual golf course.

The P3ProSwing™ Classic gives highly accurate data of the golf club before, at and after impact with the ball, and can be used with any club in a player’s bag. The P3ProSwing™ Classic is a complete swing-analysis system for golfers of all levels.