STX Golf Reinvents A Classic – The Sync Series STX SS1 Putter

BALTIMORE, MD. – December 16, 2010 – STX Golf, world-renowned as an industry pioneer in putter innovation, and for its patented Soft Face Insert Technology, announced today that the company has redesigned the timeless original bullet back Sync Tour Pro Putter, now named the SS1 Putter from the Sync Series.

The original Sync Tour Pro has a long legacy on the PGA Tour. It has been credited with many victories including the 2002 PGA Championship. The new SS1 putter acknowledges its predecessor’s significance and expands upon it with new alignment aids and a stylish new look.

The STX signature bullet back design puts optimal weight directly behind the sweet spot which is proven to keep any stroke on line and provide unprecedented balance and feel. This distinctive feature is complemented with a step-less center shaft for precise positioning at address.

According to STX Director of Golf Steve Henneman, “We’re really excited about introducing the SS1 Putter. The initial feedback we’ve received from retailers is tremendous. Pre-bookings for the spring validate that fact that it will be the top selling STX Putter in the 2011 Sync Series Collection.”

STX Golf and its success on the PGA Tour can be directly attributed to the company’s Soft Insert Technology called “F.E.E.L.” – Friction Enhancing Elastomer Layer. This patented STX technology dramatically increases the coefficient of friction to put a greater amount of topspin on the ball and keep your putts on line.

The Soft Face Insert Keeps the ball in contact with the putter longer to provide superior directional control, decreased ball skid and reduced ball deformation.

The black insert is the softest in the STX line. It delivers the highest friction and resilience rate with increased dwell time. Those characteristics are chemically formulated to get the ball rolling sooner and keep your putts on line. For a medium resiliency rate, the red insert offers an intermediate amount of dwell time for true control. For golfers who prefer a firmer feel, the green insert provides a harder feel with less resilience.

The STX SS1 Putter is face balanced and weighs 355 grams. It is available in both 34″ and 35″ in length. The loft is 3 degrees and the lie is 71 degrees. The modern mallet features a beautiful black PVD finish, unique paint fill and a mirror polish on the sole. A Golf Pride grip and premium head cover complete this redesigned classic. The STX SS1 Putter will begin shipping in January of 2011 with a MSRP of $109.99.

STX Golf will be introducing their new line of STX Sync Series Putters including the STX SS1 at the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show and Demo Day in Orlando, Florida. The ninth annual PGA Demo Day will be held on Wednesday, January 26th at the Orange County National Golf Center. STX will be prominently positioned on the large putting green during the entire demo day. The company welcomes all PGA Members, retailers, and members of the media to come by and putt with the new STX Sync Series.

“In addition to the new models, STX will present some of their most recent model expansions and modifications such as the STX ProFIT 6 Putter. This modern mallet features interchangeable inserts and is now available in belly and long lengths. Golfers will be impressed how well this model transitioned from standard length to long length. Another putter worth demonstrating is the popular STX 9740 and STX 9750 Putters. They now feature a new Total Eclipse insert which promotes better feel across the face of the putter,” added Henneman.