The 5 Keys to Distance Golf Program

The 5 Keys to DistanceThe 5 Keys to Distance

The 5 Keys to Distance is our flagship game improvement program. If you play golf or know golfers who play then you know that everybody wants more distance!

This program is a comprehensive treatment of the elements of distance and a complete system showing golfers how they can put the whole program to use in a way that fits their unique swing. The program is delivered electronically, so your buyers will have instant access and can start working on more distance the same day. It’s more than an ebook and it’s not just videos. It’s a step-by-step program that leads to developing a swing that will produce more distance and greater accuracy. The program is focused on 5 key areas remembered by the acronym BLAST (Balance, Leverage, Arc, Speed, Target).

A couple more notes. First, this is not a “method” program. The one-plane swing, stack-and-tilt, Natural Golf and others are method programs. Method programs only work for 10% – 15% of players and they usually take years to master. This program is different because the 5 Keys are concepts. Balance, for instance (the “B” of BLAST), is a concept. The program teaches the concept of “athletic balance” and allows the player to adapt the concept to their unique circumstance and swing. That’s why this program will work for every golfer, even method swingers.

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Each of the 5 keys are explained within a framework. A framework is simply a way to explain the concepts in a way that provides an underlying context to facilitate understanding. The framework used throughout the book is “What, Why, How, and Apply.” In other words with each concept I explain “What” it is (like a definition), “Why” it is important and the benefits of employing the concept, “How To” go about practicing and integrating the concepts in a step-by-step progression, and how each concept is “Applied” on the golf course. Each concept has a detailed written explanation and is accompanied by specific drills and exercises designed to help the golfer gain mastery over each concept. That’s why the text and videos work so well together. Your buyers get to read about the concept in detail and then see it in action.

Second, this is a program. It’s going to take some time and effort on the part of your buyers to adopt these concepts. You’ve probably heard that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. There are some physiological reasons why this is probably true. Any other books or programs that promise instant and permanent results are rubbish and you probably already know that. Our bodies are just not wired that way. We learn in a series of progressive steps. The kind of buyers you want are the ones willing to invest some time an energy to get it right and keep it right. Unfortunately it’s difficult to overcome the expectation of instant cures and quick fixes, especially since that is how the golf magazines and TV shows make a living. So I think in most cases that it is ok to let your prospects know they are going to have to work at it. If they want an instant cure tell them to pick up Golf Digest or watch GolfChannel but tell them to prepare to be frustrated. Eventually they will get so fed up with temporary fixes that they will come back for the real deal.

Check out these three great free videos