The best way to practise golf for lasting results

No matter whether you play golf professionally or just as a hobby, you should aim to get the most out of your golf practice sessions. Getting lasting results is pretty simple, providing you know how to obtain them.

Make Time In Your Schedule For Golf Practice

Practising regularly should be one of your priorities. It will be easier to retain your current level of play and make improvements to your game if you are fitting in a lot of short practice sessions, rather than only a couple of long practice sessions. Short but regular sessions will help reinforce key points of your technique and should allow you to see improvements faster. If you schedule longer sessions but not as often, it will take you longer to see any improvements in your game and may end up being a source of discouragement.

Invest In Golf Lessons

Every once in awhile, schedule a few golf lessons so you can get a professional opinion on your technique. As well as learning new methods to use next time you’re practising, your teacher should be able to correct any parts of your technique that may be lacking or incorrect before they become habit, and therefore harder to unlearn. While you may have many friends who also play golf and are eager to give you free advice, getting a second opinion from a professional teacher is advised before making any changes to the way you play.

General Golf Improvement Tips

Once you’ve figured out to grip your golf club, you do not need to make any changes and should not waste time during your golf practice sessions trying to find a different way to grip it. That being said, since grip plays an important part in mastering your game, you should consult with other experienced players if at any point you are unsure about your grip.

Basic skills and posture should not be overlooked. Practising the very basics should be done during every session, even if you have already mastered them. Check your posture, grip, swing and your ability to hit the ball so that it travels in a straight line. These are key factors in determining how well you play the game, so don’t skip practising them.

Finally, keep track of your progress and make notes on every golf lesson and golf practice session you attend. This will help you plan further sessions and keep track of your practice methods that yield the best lasting results, allowing you to focus on the things that work and drop the things that don’t.

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