iGolf Launches Swing Analysis Platform

SAN DIEGO,  The iGolf Division of L1 Technologies is excited to announce the addition of Swing Analysis within iGolf Mobile and iGolf.com. The enterprise level iGolf Mobile app is greatly enhanced with the ability to capture golf swings and upload them to iGolf.com for review. Swing Analysis is currently available for the iPhone and Android versions of iGolf Mobile.

Swing analysis brings a social networking forum for all members to share and compare captured swings. Friends, family and golfing groups can use the swing analysis platform to watch side-by-side comparisons, view frame-by-frame swing path and even compare captured swings against professional golfers and celebrities.

Additionally, the “comment” section of the Swing Analysis platform allows fellow golfers to critique each other and share ideas regarding their swings. Uploaded swings are organized by albums so members can track their swing progress by range session or by round. For more detail, Swing Analysis also enables golfers to label each swing by specific club and camera angle.

iGolf Swing Analysis will be available in both free and premium enterprises. Members taking advantage of the free version will have the ability to store up to 5 albums with 5 videos per album, while premium members are given the ability to collect up to 20 albums with 20 videos per album. Premium members will also be granted access to an enlarged video player for easier viewing and more detailed analysis.

iGolf Mobile includes precise distance to the Front, Center, Back of the green and custom points (bunkers, water, hazards) on each mapped hole. Golfers can also use the app to measure shot distance, keep score for up to four players and track handicap/statistics.

Access to the latest golf news and exclusive opinion articles, as well as independent course, equipment and
travel destination reviews are available within iGolf Mobile. The premium version offers interactive hole maps with multi-level zoom for detailed shot planning. Maps provide distance to any point on the hole allowing golfers to obtain precise yardage to pin locations, hazards, lay up points and any other desired targets. Premium membership is available on a monthly ($5.00) or annual ($50.00) basis.

About iGolf
Since 2003, iGolf, operated by L1 Technologies, has developed enterprise level and direct to consumer GPS software, products and services for the golf industry. Thousands of golfers rely on iGolf Mobile applications, Powered by iGolf partner products and iGolf.com every day to provide GPS data and listings for more than 34,000 courses worldwide. For more information please visit www.iGolf.com.