Tour Edge Golf’s Patented 90º Bend Shaft Makes Putting Easy

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Batavia, IL – Tour-winning performance returns with the new and improved T-Balance putter! The T-Balance features a patented 90-degree bend shaft that delivers an advanced level of feel never before achieved by any other putter. The shafts arched structure is stronger than a traditional straight putter shaft, thereby minimizing vibration and dramatically improving feel. You’ll feel the difference as the shaft pulls the head through the ball with a pure, effortless stroke.

The lower portion of the “T” – the stability bar – places more weight directly behind the sweet spot to increase the putter’s moment of inertia. The result is increased stability on contact and better-feeling, more accurate putts.

For the ultimate in performance, the 90-degree bend shaft allows the T-Balance to be built with any lie angle, giving players superior technology and the perfect fit. Performance can be found in every detail, including a feedback-enhancing aluminum hosel and a midsize grip for greater control.

The Tour Edge T-Balance putter has a lifetime warranty, a 30-day play guarantee and a suggest retail of $119. For more information, call (800) 515-3343 or visit