Mizuno Introduces The New MP-650 Line Of Woods With New Innovative Technologies For Greater Distance

MP-650 lineup includes driver, fairway woods and hybrids with greater distance and solid impact sound

Norcross, GA – (January 23, 2012) – Mizuno, a worldwide leader in performance irons and woods, today announced the addition of the MP-650 lineup of woods. The new line of woods, including: MP-650 Driver, MP-650 Fairway Wood and MP-650 Hybrid, combine Tour-ready head shapes and specifications with new manufacturing technologies for greater distance, ball control, and solid sound at impact.

MP-650 Driver
The new MP-650 driver is a TOUR Level driver with the head shape, specifications and technologies designed specifically to perform for the better player. Moreover, the better player will crave the slightly open, deeper face, and the 450cc volume. The MP-650’s head was designed with an ultra-thin crown which allows for low center of gravity (COG) placement, giving the driver a mid-launch with low spin. Two internal weight pads have been strategically placed to deliver optimal performance – 12g internal weight located low and deep for mid launch and lower spin, while a 6g internal weight is located heel side for a neutral ball flight to provide predictable, yet workable shots.

Considering the input of Mizuno’s global brand ambassadors, the MP-650 driver was developed with a player preferred and classic pear shape, which helps produce a neutral to slight fade trajectory. Newly introduced 3-layer multi-thickness CORTECH used in the face design has been engineered into this driver to provide Mizuno’s largest COR-AREA ever for a MP driver. The technologies and design elements engineered into the MP-650 driver will truly optimize distance and control off the tee.

“The MP-650 Driver contains the latest technologies that will allow consumers to hit the ball further and straighter than any other club,” said Dick Lyons, Vice President and General Manager of the Golf Division, Mizuno USA. “The deep face and 450cc head size along with the CORTECH multi-thickness face allows for maximum distance with complete ball control.”

Available Lofts: 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 (Right Handed Only)
Shaft: Fujikura Orochi 65 D
Grip: Golf Pride M-21 60R
Other Options available through Mizuno’s Custom Department
Suggested Retail Price: $399.99

MP-650 Fairway Woods
Designed to deliver maximum distance, versatility and control, Mizuno introduces the MP-650 Titanium fairway woods. Extensive research and development went into the creation of the 5-piece titanium construction, including multi-thickness 6-4 Ti forged cup face geometry near legal limit for COR, and the development of a sophisticated 60 gram internal weight pad delivers the perfect balance of distance, trajectory, and ball control.

The MP-650 fairway woods feature a classic pear shaped head with an open face angle, producing a straight to slight fade ball trajectory. Mizuno’s innovative Harmonic Impact Technology (H.I.T.), along with PGA Tour feedback, helped ensure the MP-650 fairway woods deliver a solid and powerful sound at impact.

“The fairway woods were constructed with the players in mind, using extensive research and development we’ve created the longest fairway wood to date,” said Lyons. “The 5-piece titanium construction paired with the Harmonic Impact Technology delivers a controllable distance and a solid feel at impact.”

Available Lofts: 13.5°, 15.0°, 18.0° (Right Handed Only)
Shaft: Fujikura Orochi 75 FW
Grip: Golf Pride M-21 60
Other Options available through Mizuno’s Custom Department
Suggested Retail Price: $249.99

MP-650 Hybrid
Mizuno created the MP-650 hybrid to provide the easy launch and neutral, controllable ball flight that lower handicap players have been searching for in hybrids. A 1770 maraging stainless steel cup face design combined with a 431 high-tech precision cast steel body delivers extremely high initial ball speeds and consistent distance. Pairing together a head shape that has been redesigned to be cleaner, and more refined, instills confidence at address. The MP-650 provides unmatched hybrid performance for true shot makers.

“Playability and control are the most important aspects of a hybrid, which is the reason we developed the MP-650 Hybrid,” said Lyons. “We feel strongly that the MP-650 Hybrid is the perfect complement to the elite golfer’s bag.”

Available Lofts: 17°(#2), 19°(#3), 22°(#4) (Right Hand Only)
Shaft: Fujikura Orochi 85 HY
Grip: Golf Pride M-21 60
Other Options available through Mizuno’s Custom Department
Suggested Retail Price: $199.99

For more information on any of these products from Mizuno, please visit www.mizunogolf.com.

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