How to stop the reverse pivot in your golf swing

What is the reverse pivot? The reverse pivot is when you take the club away from the ball your weight moves your left side (or foward) if you are a right-hander instead of slightly to the right or behind the ball and your body tilts to the target.  The easiest way to fix it is move your weight in the right direction! Sounds easy! As you take the club away make sure your weight shifts to the right maintain the flex in the right leg and don’t straighten the right knee. Players do this in various amounts, some alot of tilt and some a little. It is some times are to see in the real time  but if you are hitting heavy divots or thin shots to the right you may be ‘reverse pivoting’. The best way to find out if you do this is to make a video of your swing with your mobile phone or video camera and watch your swing.

Watch this short video to find out more.

You always ask your doctor for a second opinion : )  A few more thoughts on the “reverse pivot”.  There are a few more drills in this video for you.