Callaway Golf – The HEX Black Tour Golf Ball

The most highly engieered ball ever according to Callaway Golf. The technology combines both feel and length. Using Callaways i-Core technology the ball produces high spin around the greens and low spin off the tee. Watch this informative product video to get better understanding about the ball. Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els are using Callaway equipment.

HEX Black Tour Golf Ball –The HEX Black Tour is Callaway’s most highly engineered tour ball ever, featuring a host of new and proprietary technologies that differentiate this ultra-premium golf ball from every other ball in the game. The engineering advancements—including an innovative dual-core construction, an exceptionally durable cover material technology called DuraSpin™ and revolutionary HEX Aerodynamics™—combine to deliver a five-piece golf ball with better Spin Separation and all-around performance characteristics than any previous introduction from Callaway. Spin Separation is the measured differential between the high spin generated on shorter approach shots into the green and the optimal low spin off the driver for maximum distance off the tee. Its consistent distance control in all conditions have already made it the golf ball of choice for Callaway staff professionals Phi Mickelson, Ernie Els and a number of other top players in the game. Available on March 2 for the new product introduction retail price of $45.99 per dozen.