Cleveland® Golf’s Classic™ Driver Review 2012

Cleveland Golf has launched its new driver for 2012 and it looks like it has come out of the 1950’s but don’t let that fool you – this club has all the latest technology.

Cleveland® Golf's Classic™ Driver


Press Release

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – January 17, 2012 – Cleveland® Golf, which launched the 588® Forged wedge and CG Black™ collection last fall, is pleased to introduce two new additions to its 2012 product line:

Cleveland® Golf’s Classic™ Driver is the most advanced combination of style and performance in a titanium driver. With a unique sole design and color scheme inspired by persimmon drivers, the Classic™ Driver has a traditional pear-shaped profile with the largest, deepest club face ever produced by Cleveland® Golf. The face promotes a hot, penetrating ball flight, while MaxCOR2 technology provides maximum distance on off-center hits. Ultralite™ technology helps players generate increased head speed and distance with the same swing effort. Thanks to RightWeight™ fitting, there are three different Classic™ Driver models available, each at a different weight to maximize performance and feel for every player type. The Classic™ 270 has a club weight of 270 grams and a premium Miyazaki™ C. Kua™ 39 shaft for maximum head speed. The Classic™ 290 has a club weight of 290 grams and a premium Miyazaki™ C. Kua™ 43 shaft for a strong combination of distance and accuracy. The Classic™ Tour has a club weight of 310 grams and a premium Miyazaki™ Kusala™ Black 61 shaft for tour-caliber workability and precision. MAP prices: $299.99 (Classic™ 270, Classic™ 290); $379.99 (Classic™ Tour).



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