How to hit long drives with a few simple changes to your set up

Do you want to hit longer drives? Of course you do!

The reason a lot of golfers to don’t long drives or drives as long as they should is because they don’t set up to the ball as correctly for a drive. Most amateurs will just set up to the ball as they would with their irons, ball in middle of the stance and weight evenly distributed or even favouring the left side for a right-handed golfer.

For a driver swing and stance :-

1. The weight for the right handed player should be 60% / 40% on the right or back leg.

2. The ball should also be moved forward in your stance, inside of the left foot or on the left heel.

3. A slightly wider stance to give you more stability and balance.

This set enables you get behind the ball at address. You can even tilt the shoulder a bit more if you prefer (right side lower than the left) and as long as you stay behind the ball at address and at impact you should hit the ball longer and straighter.

Watch Charl Schwartzel’s driver swing in slo-motion. He has one of the best swing’s on tour and a green jacket to prove it. Some inspiration for you.