How to choose the correct bounce in your wedge

Bounce is the angle of the wedge from the sole (bottom of the wedge shape) to the leading edge.  Bounce is built into the sole of a wedge to keep it from digging into the turf or sand. This is probably the most neglected part of your equipment needs relative to your playing style and could be a  mis-diagnosed problem with your chipping or pitching.  Why are there different bounces to wedges you ask?

Two reasons. The first has to do with your style of play.  Are you a ‘digger’ or a ‘sweeper’ of the ball when you pitch or chip?
A ‘digger’ is someone who will hit the turf a little harder, that is, with more angle of attack and take more turf.  

A digger will need more bounce on the club so that the club’s leading edge to reduce the amount of turf taken. Even in a small chip shot the can be soiled removed when the club is ‘dug in’.

A sweeper as a lower angle of attack and they will need a wedge with lower bounce.

The second reason and probably the most important are the conditions that you play. Do you generally play on a soft or hard course? Is the course that you normally play wet or dry? Wet conditions require a wedge with more bounce so the club does not dig into the turf. In dryer conditions the club needs to dig into the soil or turf a bit more so you will need a wedge with less bounce.