Custom Clubfitting Leader Henry-Griffitts Introduces New “Tour Sensation” Golf Shafts


MAUMEE, OH – Henry-Griffitts – a pioneer in custom club fitting and the originator of the clubfitting cart – is proud to introduce the new Tour Sensation shafts, created by Neo-Fiber exclusively for Henry-Griffitts.

“We always strive to be sure we are leading innovation and filling gaps in the fitting world,” says  Randall Henry, president of Henry-Griffitts. “During our continued studies of the shafts available in the market, we found a gap, and worked tirelessly to create a product that would fill it.  Our new Tour Sensation Shafts are that product.”

The new Henry-Griffitts Tour Sensation shafts are designed to get lower spin rates and increase distance for higher swing speeds, as well as fine tune launch angles and decrease side spin to create more accurate shots. Being able to change torque and other shaft characteristics will allow customers to find an approach that feels right. The company has designed shafts for medium swing speeds as well.

 “The results speak for themselves,” says Henry. “The shafts do exactly what’s advertised. With the correct fit they help to create longer straighter shots. Plus, the look of these shafts is very modern and bold, letting the world know you have a very special product.”


* Woods, XS-Flex, 75 grams, 2.8° Torque

* Woods, S-Flex, 65 grams, 2.9° Torque

* Woods, S-Flex, 80 grams, 2.9° Torque

* Irons, S-Flex, 85 grams, 2.9° Torque