Honma Introduces The Beres IS-02 Irons In April

HONMA is pleased to introduce an iron that maximizes development by merging cutting-edge technology and materials. The IS-02 is HONMA’s most technically advanced forged irons that combine high ball speed performance and HONMA craftsmanship for longer distance and better feel. Long and middle irons are designed with the new L-shape structure for higher trajectory and distance performance. The kickback of the entire face increased due to the spreading and winding of the face to the lower area. Short irons are designed with the new 3D weld for feel and stability. The faces of the #4-8 iron are engineered with an L-shape for deeper and shallow centers of gravity, and distance performance is maximized by increasing the shallow area of the face kickback. Faces of the #9-SW are engineered with a 3D weld for maintained distance stability and feel for crucial short game control. Face material was engineered with high kickback Japanese SAE 8655 revised steel for excellent tensile strength and stretch.

The ARMRQ6-49 gram shaft is the standard production shaft for the IS-02. They can be ordered with the ARMRQ6-45, 54, 62, 70 and 75 gram shafts by made to order only. The ARMRQ six-axis carbon shaft is a Honma first, which restores itself at a higher rate, bringing a new level of carry performance for all golfers. The head quickly returns to the perfect position at impact. This design makes it easier to hug the ball for increased carry distance. Design features of the shaft are comprised of combining six carbon fibers, in diagonal directions at 30°, 60°, 120° and 150° in addition to vertical direction at 0° and horizontal direction at 90°, the six-axis carbon shaft controls crushing rigidity and minimizes energy-wasting deformation that can occur during the golf swing. The shaft regains its original shape with greater accuracy and brings the combination angles closer to a circle and enables the shaft to handle the force from all directions. The high restoration power of six-axis carbon has increased carry performance and enabled the development of a longer shaft.

HONMA’s eternal pursuit is to create the perfect club. No compromises. No derivatives. We represent our strength in product development, innovation, and passion to create the best golf club. We do not follow only tradition to create one of a kind clubs, but our dream is state of the art integration with innovation. To bring the best performance out of every club, we must use innovation to its fullest for better distance, direction, and precision. This only occurs when the craftsman’s art and sensibilities are developed in a product, in turn creates a connection with what the golfer wants. Our vision of advancement in club performance is always how we deliver the golfer’s dream and passion for the game.