The new big Giant Niblick Sand Wedge

A unique design for fun – but also for full game improvement playability

Proving that Tom Wishon Golf Technology (TWGT) can push the envelope and think completely outside the box when it comes to clubhead design, the hugely oversize Giant Niblick Sand Wedge is designed to be fully playable as well as a definite conversation piece. The Giant Niblick is truly a unique design that when any golfer sees it; will elicit an “I have to have one of these” response!


* Almost Three Times the Size of a Conventional Sand Wedge, the Giant Niblick is designed to be a playable sand wedge to blast the ball out of any bunker.

* Precision investment cast from high grade 6061 aluminum, with fully CNC engraved scorelines. Produced with pre-2010 USGA rule scorelines.

* Ultra-Wide Sole Fully Radiused with 2° bounce sole angle matched to the ultra-wide sole to be completely playable from sand or tall grass. Low bounce + wide sole plays like a medium sole width with traditional 10-12° bounce.

* 58° loft combines with large head design size to play like a traditional 56° loft sand wedge.

* Designed for fun, or for any golfer searching for consistency in getting the ball out of the sand – just address the face square to the ball and swing completely through and the ball always comes out of the sand!

* Finished in bright satin polish with clear anodized finish with glass bead blast highlights.

* Available in RH only, 58° loft, 0.370 bore and shipped with matching ferrule.

Tom Wishon Golf Technology is the leader in professional custom clubfitting design, research and technology.

Our original, high performance designs are available only custom fit to each individual golfer, through professional custom clubmakers world wide.

Custom fitting is for ALL golfers – in truth, the higher your handicap, the more custom fitting can improve your play and lower your score. Don’t be fooled by the marketing of the big golf companies into believing that the best clubs are bought standard off the rack through pro shops and retail golf stores.

Custom clubfitting is the only way any golfer should ever consider buying their next set of golf clubs. We welcome you to discover why Wishon Golf is the leader in professional custom clubfitting design.

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