Miura Golf adds New KM-007 Putter to line up

New KM-007 adds new shape and muscle to Miura’s successful forged putter line

Vancouver, B.C. — The legendary Japanese golf club company, Miura Golf, maker of the world’s best forged golf clubs has recently added another stunning design to its collection of quality forged putters.

The KM-007, fourth in the KM line (for Katsuhiro Miura, the company’s founder and chief designer) begins as all Miura putters do: with a billet of the finest quality low-carbon steel. Once forged into the proper raw shape, the KM-007 mallet is CNC (computer-numeric controlled) milled into an elegant mallet shape designed to please the eye of players looking for some heft behind the ball.

“Mr. Miura was looking at our putters, and felt we needed to take care of mallet players too,” said Adam Barr, president of Miura. “He came up with this design as a way to fit their eye while offering a soft, authoritative feel in a non-glare, milled finish. Miura-san understands that putting is very personal, and that a handsome look is as important as a solid feel. He didn’t release this design until he was sure he had met both high standards.”

The KM-007 offers a more face-balanced option within the Miura KM putter line. The KM-350, a heel-shafted model that is relatively short heel-to-toe, appeals to players with more of a fan-shaped putting stroke. The KM-005 (350g head weight) and KM-006 (370g), whose shaft intersection point is closer to the center of the putter face, are “quarter-hang” models balanced mostly for back-and-through swingers. The 007 will work well for that kind of stroke too.

The suggested retail price of the KM-007 is US$450.00.