Fujikura Unveils The Fuel Shaft With Explosive Expectations

Fujikura FUEL bursts into 2013 incorporating never before seen FUEL rod technology. The revolutionary advancements generate more power and speed, promote tighter dispersion and guarantee an increase in overall distance.

“We are very excited about the new FUEL line because of its light weight construction yet explosive power,” says Dave Schnider President and COO of Fujikura Golf. “It has already solidified its position to be one of the hottest shafts on the market with a validating win at the Dunhill Links Championship last October”.

2013 will feature the launch of Fujikura FUEL. This is to be the first in a new line of products in the next generation of Fujikura shafts. With FUEL, you can see where your energy is coming from and how it is transferred with a 360 degree view of the COMBUSTION CHAMBER, which houses our proprietary FUEL R.O.D. TECHNOLOGY. As you swing, energy flows through the FUEL R.O.D. and into the Load-Injector Tip, channelling your power through the shaft down to the club head. FUEL uniquely combines these technologies to generate greater distance and accuracy on a more consistent basis.

“The amount of technology incorporated in this shaft is incomprehensible,” says Pat McCoy Director of Technical Services. Fuel Rod Technology, comprised of the Combustion Chamber and the Load Injector Tip, allows for a more efficient transfer of energy down the shaft, generating more power and speed. The Combustion Chamber consists of a series of high modulus carbon plies oriented at 45 and 90 degrees, which reduces overall friction and ovaling during the loading and unloading of the shaft. Simply put, energy is stored at the top of the swing and explodes down the shaft during the downswing. The load injector tip takes the stored energy that is transferred down the shaft from the combustion chamber and injects it into the club head for a more explosive and powerful impact.

The new FUEL will be available January 2, 2013 through Fujikura’s Charter Dealers across the United States and around the world.