Wilson Staff launches D-100 product range – All super light and long

Wilson Staff Announces Next Generation In Powerful Distance Clubs: All New Super Light & Seriously Long D-100 Family. Wilson Staff releases its 6th generation of award-winning D irons, from the iron brand with 61 major wins

CHICAGO, January 1, 2013 – Wilson Staff is proud to announce the introduction of the D-100 Family of SuperLight products. This release of the latest generation of “D” or “Distance-focused” clubs emphasizes the importance of correct weight distribution across the head, shaft and grip for The Right Light™ technology.

The meticulously researched and tested D-100 Irons, Drivers, Fairway Woods and Hybrids feature improvements in virtually every performance area, which will continue to fuel Wilson Staff’s market share growth.

Since their original launch within the Super Game Improvement category in 2005, D Irons have earned Hot List accolades and a loyal following. D-100 Irons build on that success to deliver unsurpassed power and accuracy.

SuperLight Technology – The Right Light™
SuperLight technology infuses limited available mass to create a powerful, solid-feeling, balanced golf club, increasing club head speeds with the same swing effort for greater distance. The key to engineering The Right Light™ is optimizing this limited weight for proper distribution among the head, shaft and grip to achieve the best performance for each specific club.

D-100 Irons
The next generation of D Irons from Wilson Staff delivers ultimate performance-enhancing technology for players who want lightweight, easy-to-swing distance and forgiveness:
➢ Large, Thin, Unsupported Face: 7% thinner iron face delivers faster ball speeds and unsurpassed distance.
➢ Higher MOI: Exoskeleton technology coupled with an undercut cavity allows 35% more mass to be moved to the sole, heel and toe areas for extreme perimeter weighting and forgiveness.
➢ Progressive Head Design: Optimized head proportions throughout the iron set deliver ideal launch angles, ball speeds and spin rates for each loft.

D-100 Driver
The D-100 Driver is the lightest, easiest-to-swing driver on the market. The Right Light™ technology delivers extraordinary head speeds resulting in greater distance:
➢ SuperLight Technology: Improved, next generation of SuperLight optimizes grip, shaft and head for a combined club weight of 269 grams, enhancing the ability to swing faster with the same effort.
➢ Enhanced Cup Face Design and Variable Face Thickness Technology: 9% hotter CT fires the ball with greater speed and distance. Variable thickness in the large, deep face creates an immense sweet spot for more forgiveness on off-center drives.
➢ Chemically-Etched Crown: An optimized crown weight is realized by relocating non-essential weight to the sole for a lower, deeper center of gravity to heighten launch angle and increase MOI for forgiveness and more fairways hit.

D-100 Fairway Woods
D-100 Fairway Woods are among the lightest and easiest-to-swing on the market. The Right Light™ club technology delivers optimally-designed club mass properties for greater head speeds with the same swing effort:
➢ PVD Finish: Low profile design with sleek black finish sits square and delivers ultimate confidence at address.
➢ Optimized Head Mass Properties: Relocated CG 11% more toward the heel makes it easier to square the club face at impact; 8% back improves launch angle and spin rate, and through chemically-etching the crown, moving it 10% lower improves feel and launch angle.
➢ Progressive Head Design: Tailored head and face sizes throughout the lofts deliver maximum forgiveness on all turf conditions.

D-100 Hybrids
Wilson Staff created the D-100 Hybrids at The Right Light™ to perfectly compliment the D-100 Irons and serve as a long iron replacement option:
➢ Improved Distance: Easy-to-swing lightweight design and correct mass properties for ideal launch angles and spin rates generate maximum distance.
➢ Rounded Sole Design: Toe and heel relief provide shot control and confidence from all course lies.
➢ Progressive Design: Head size and face bulge and roll are optimized across each loft for improved distance and accuracy.

D-100 Family Shaft Technology
The SuperLight shaft technology makes every member in the D-100 Family Super Light and Seriously Long. The optimized lightweight shaft options are designed to deliver faster club head speeds that afford greater ball speeds.
➢ D-100 Irons:
o True Temper SL85 Steel: 85 gram premium lightweight iron shaft that performs at mid-to-high launch with mid-spin.
o Matrix Studio 6.1 Graphite: 65 gram premium lightweight graphite iron shaft with mid-to-high launch and mid-spin. Features Matrix’s Tip Torsional Resistance (TTR) technology for structural stability at the top, and less shaft twisting through the club and ball impact zone.
➢ D-100 Driver
o Matrix OZIK HD4.1: 45 gram premium lightweight graphite shaft that performs with mid-to-high launch and mid-spin. Featuring Matrix’s proprietary HD 16-sided internal structure to provide superior performance at lighter weights.
➢ D-100 Fairway Woods
o Matrix OZIK HD5.1: 55 gram premium lightweight graphite shaft that performs with mid-to-high launch and mid-spin. Constructed with 16-sided internal structure HD (hexadecagonal) technology to provide head stability without adding weight.
➢ D-100 Hybrids
o Matrix OZIK Altus 5.6: 60 gram premium lightweight graphite shaft that performs with mid-to-high launch and mid-spin. Features proprietary TTR technology for structural stability and reduced shaft twisting through the club and ball impact zone.

“We have seen the best players in the world go to lighter and lighter shafts over the last few years, which was part of the inspiration for the D-100 SuperLight line of products,” said Michael Vrska, Global Director of Research & Development. “You can make clubs too light. That is why we are so excited about what The Right Light technology can do for golfers. It really will help the Super Game Improvement player get more distance and make the game more enjoyable. This technology makes it easier to swing the club faster with the same effort, and everybody wants more distance. As we like to say, Wilson Staff D-100 is Super Light and Seriously Long.”

Manufacturer’s Advertised Prices:
Wilson Staff D-100 Irons (4-PW, GW, SW)
$799.99 – Half-and-Half
$699.99 – graphite
$599.99 – steel
Wilson Staff Women’s D-100 Irons
$699.99 – graphite
Wilson Staff D-100 Driver – $299.99
Wilson Staff D-100 Fairway Woods – $179.99
Wilson Staff D-100 Hybrids – $149.99

About Wilson Golf
For nearly a century, Wilson Golf has designed, manufactured and distributed premium and recreational golf equipment throughout the world. Since 1914, Wilson Staff irons have won 61 Major championships, more than any other iron manufacturer in history. Wilson Staff’s Di11 and Ci11 irons, as well as the Duo golf ball, were honored with Golf Digest’s Hot List awards. Wilson Staff, Profile, Ultra and Hope consumer brands continue that tradition today by delivering the highest quality golf equipment to all golfers to enhance performance on the course and overall enjoyment of the game.