Titleist Introduces Vokey WedgeWorks Hand Ground Wedges

WedgeWorks_HandGround_BeforeAfter_fullMaster craftsman Bob Vokey provides ultimate custom wedge service previously available only to tour professionals

FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (May 28, 2013) – For the first time, Master Craftsman Bob Vokey is providing access to the Vokey Tour Department at Titleist with the introduction of WedgeWorks Hand Ground, the ultimate custom wedge for the avid Vokey enthusiast.

For years, Vokey and his team of craftsmen in Carlsbad, Calif., have hand ground wedges for the world’s best golfers, meticulously crafting one-of-a-kind scoring tools

to precisely fit a player’s technique and style, not to mention their personality.

Through WedgeWorks Hand Ground, golfers now have the opportunity to submit their wedge orders to the Vokey Tour Department and experience the same intricate detail as those players competing on the worldwide professional tours, choosing from several models, grinds and customization options previously reserved for Tour pros only.

After receiving an order, Bob or one his craftsmen – such as Vokey Tour Rep Aaron Dill – will hand grind, polish and buff each wedge, before finishing it off with personalized stamping and a hand-stamped hosel code. The grinder’s initials will be stamped on the hosel of the wedge, a small “BV” marking those wedges hand ground by the man himself.WedgeWorks_HandGround_BobVokey_Grinding_full

Orders for WedgeWorks Hand Ground wedges can be submitted to the Vokey Tour Department through Vokey.com beginning June 19.

“I’m excited to make this Tour-level experience available to the Vokey wedge enthusiast,” said Vokey, whose Titleist Vokey Design wedges have been the top choice on the PGA Tour since 2004 and counting, and are sought after by Tour pros and amateurs alike.

“I’m bringing everything I’ve learned over the years working with the best players in the world to this project. Many of the little tweaks I like to do on the Tour Van are now available. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

WedgeWorks Hand Ground wedges are offered in 58º and 60º lofts, and four of Vokey’s favorite high-performance sole grinds – M, V, E and T. The V, E, and T models are available only through the Hand Ground program. All Hand Ground wedges have a raw finish, previously available only to Tour players, along with Tour-proven, precision-milled SM4 grooves.

Many aspects of the wedge’s shape, sole and leading edge will be customizable, relative to the player’s desired performance preferences. Golfers can choose from the many grind options that Vokey has perfected over the years, including square toe, straighter or pre-worn leading edge, additional heel relief, thinner or beveled top line and a pro-groove sole.

Pro-groove, for example, is a subtle channel in the center of the sole that Vokey hand grinds for a number of players, including Webb Simpson on his TVD-M wedge.

“What it does for Webb is move the contact point on the sole slightly forward, allowing him to activate the bounce on short pitches,” Vokey said. “You saw his success with it last year at the U.S. Open.”

The Tour-level treatment carries over to personalization, with a number of exclusive stamping, engraving and paintfill options.

WedgeWorks Hand Ground offers four different character stamping styles – straight, freestyle, snow, and the new staircase option – in up to eight letters and/or numbers. There are five toe stamp options – Prototype 2013, Hand Ground, Special Grind, BVHG and Spin Milled. Golfers also have the option to get the club’s loft (i.e. “60º”) stamped on the toe. All character and toe stampings are available in one of 12 different paintfill colors. “Hand Ground” is engraved on each hosel to designate the special nature of the wedge.

WedgeWorks Hand Ground will also offer BV grips in a variety of textures and colors to match the player’s look and feel preferences. Among the grips available are the new Lamkin ACE 3Gen, the Golf Pride Vokey Z Patriot and the New Decade Multi-Compound Whiteout Red. BV Custom grips are available only through WedgeWorks.

A high-performance shaft matrix includes wedge-specific shafts such as the WedgeWorks-only KBS Custom Series Black Matte, Dynamic Gold Spinner and KBS Hi-Rev. All Vokey wedges can be adjusted for length, loft and lie angle. Weight porting on the back of the wedge to dial in a specific swingweight is also available.

Hand Ground is the ultimate custom product and service available through WedgeWorks, Vokey’s high performance custom shop at Titleist, which also includes WedgeWorks Exclusives, WedgeWorks Limiteds and WedgeWorks Services.

PRICE AND AVAILABILITY: WedgeWorks Hand Ground wedges have an MSRP of $350, inclusive of shafts, grips and customization options. Orders may be placed beginning June 19, 2013, with an expected turnaround time of two to three weeks. (U.S. only.)