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Cover_open_EtiquetteFitchburg, MA  – Yves C. Ton-That, a rules official and best selling golf author, has written a new booklet called “Golf Etiquette Quick Reference. A Golfer’s Guide to Correct Conduct”. This new pocket-sized guide supplements “Golf Rules Quick Reference”, Ton-That’s first guide that sold more than one million copies and is the best selling golf book in the U.S.

It has been translated into more than twenty languages and according to Golf Digest is “the best effort yet to decipher the Rules of Golf.” The new booklet covers everything golfers of all skill levels need to know, so that they can play any course in the  world with confidence – from preparing for the round at home to enjoying a drink at the 19th hole to safety to courtesy to fixing divots, the  code of conduct is explained in the usual concise and understandable  way.

The guide is also extensively illustrated in color and is the perfect complement to the Golf Rules Quick Reference.



“Etiquette on and around the golf course is crucial, and is just as important as the rules of play to ensure  that you play the game in the proper spirit,” says Ton-That, who also  penned “Trouble Shots and Quick Fix Guide” in his career as an author.


“When you’re in the company of seasoned golfers, or invited to play a private club, saying or doing even one thing incorrectly can make the difference of not being invited back. And with a little preparation and knowledge, you can avoid most any potentially embarrassing situation.”


The 48-page, spiral-bound and plastic-coated book is now available in good golfshops and at, for $12.95 (ISBN 978-3-909596-77-5, Artigo Publishing International, 1st edition 2014).



Golfbuzz Product Review

In the official R & A handbook etiquette comes before the rules. Every golfer should understand and implement the etiquette rules of golf. Following good etiquette will make the game more fun for all, especially the speed of play. The Golf Etiquette Quick Reference Guide written by Yves C. Ton-That from makes learning and comprehending them very easy.  The book is written in very simple English language that a 9 to 90 year old can understand. To make things even easier there are illustrations for each rule and a colour coded chapter guide on the right hand side of each page for easy reference. The chapters cover the pre-game, teeing ground, rough and fairways, hazards, post play and weather conditions.

Sample Extract – Telephone calls (Page 11 Chapter “Before the Round”)

Making telephone calls is unwelcome in most clubhouses. The same applies to the practice area and definitely to the course itself. Make sure you have switched your mobile phone off or have set to silent. However, you should take it with in case of an emergency.

The Golf Etiquette Quick Reference Guide follows on the from hugely successful Golf Rules Quick Reference Guide and comes in a handy 4″x6″ format with over 180 illustrations to master the golf etiquette rules. The book has a plastic transparent front and back cover protect it from regular use and easily fits in your back pocket, golf bag or golf locker.  Every golfer should have one – a great product!