Foot Joy HyperFlex Golf Shoe – The next big thing in shoe design

Golf News

Most athletic shoes are constructed with soft, mesh upper materials which are perfect for running and activities that don’t require a lot of lateral movement. For FJ’s research & development team, the key was to keep those comfort qualities in place but would also deliver the support, stability and waterproof qualities required for golf. Through extensive testing, this balance was achieved utilizing an engineered material never before used in golf shoes. FJ has dubbed it: FlexGrid.

The FlexGrid was actually inspired by a suspension cable bridge in Boston, Massachusetts – the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge. When viewing this type of bridge at different angles, the cables form a grid of tremendous strength and support, all while maintaining a sleek, lightweight and technical appearance.hyperflex_micro_Home_02_shoe

The FlexGrid system begins with a base layer that consists of a tight-knit, lightweight, soft, flexible, waterproof mesh which allows for maximum comfort, breathability, flexibility and airflow. That layer is (literally) supported by the very noticeable FlexGrid exoskeleton “cage” which conforms to the foot and allows it to flex and expand but is also strong enough to keep the foot from rolling laterally during the golf swing. The end result is a very unique shoe that wraps your foot in the comfort you expect from an athletic shoe with the support of a high-performance golf shoe.