Fast Facts: XR Driver

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With the retail release of the
new XR Driver on Friday, we wanted to give you some “fast facts” to go
through the highlights of the driver. It’s a quick and simple way to
tell the story of this product to you and your readers.

The XR Driver

The Short Version: Distance built from outrageous speed

The key technologies:

Speed Step Crown – Combined with an aerodynamic head shape to reduce drag and maximize speed through the swing.

– Face technology that reduces up to 10% of face weight to make the
face thinner for more efficient energy transfer to the ball.

Project X LZ Shaft – Maximizes shaft load for greater energy transfer.

Quotes from R&D:

used face technology more aggressively, we’ve used construction
technology more aggressively, and we’ve used shape technology more
aggressively. All 3 combine to add ball speed and add distance.” – Dr.
Alan Hocknell, Sr. VP of R&D

“During the downswing,
the airflow has a tendency to separate from the clubhead. The Speed Step
Crown helps delay the separation and keep the airflow attached to the
clubhead. By decreasing the amount of resistance on the clubhead,
golfers will be able to swing the club faster.” – Evan Gibbs, Sr.
Manager – R&D Woods

– The speed technology in the XR Driver delivers up to 5 mph more ball speed
– Pat Perez, Chris Kirk, Gary Woodland and Henrik Stenson are already using the driver on Tour