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Palm Desert, CA – PowerBilt has introduced the latest model of its popular Air Force One driver, the Air Force One DFX Tour.

“We are excited to introduce PowerBilt’s first true tour head. Through player input, along with the MyGolfSpy player testing, we were able to analyze all the data and input and develop a top performing Tour head. With the cg moved forward, and the benefit of the Nitrogen Charged technology, the Air Force One Tour will deliver the most accuracy of any tour head on the market,” says Ross Kvinge,
President of PowerBilt.

Armed with the same traditional clubhead shape, matte black finish, and PVD sole and
clubface finish as the company’s DFX MOI model, this latest driver  features a 9-gram Nitrogen Valve sole port that’s moved 20 cm forward towards the clubface. This moves the CG to a low, face-forward position that in turn promotes fast ball speed and low spin for more distance.airforce1Tour driver

Combined with our Nitrogen Charged Technology — Powerbilt’s patented method to reinforce the clubface without adding weight by pressurizing the clubhead with nitrogen at up to 80 psi — it allows for the thinnest face in golf. There’s no need for internal metal bracing. That in turn boosts trampoline effect, smash factor, ball speed, consistency and accuracy — all while reducing spin. It’s a recipe for incredible distance, without golfers having to worry about any hot or dead spots on the face, Air Force One clubs have the largest sweet spot in golf — one that’s edge-to-edge, as pressurizing the clubhead with nitrogen creates equal pressure across the entire

The Air Force One DFX Tour driver is available for right-handers only, in lofts of 8.5°, 9.5° and 10.5°. Standard shaft
length is 45 ½”. The club is offered with Fujikura’s Pro 53, 63 and 73 shaft models, in R2, R, S and XS flexes. MSRP is $299.99. Top manufacturer shaft upgrades are available for an additional charge.

Golfers can order the Air Force One DFX Tour driver by calling 888-488-4653 or visiting www.powerbilt.com.