SkyGolf Introduces GT1 Booster To Increase The Accuracy Of The SkyCaddie Mobile GPS App

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RIDGELAND, Miss., August 21, 2015 … SkyGolf®, maker of SkyCaddie® the most trusted Rangefinder in Golf, announces the introduction of the new SkyGolf GT1 GPS Booster, Golf’s Most Powerful Bluetooth GPS Booster.

The GT1 replaces the smartphone’s location services with its powerful GPS engine and antenna to provide golfers with distances they can trust. Accuracy is also enhanced by the same ground-verified TrueGround® course maps that make SkyCaddie the #1 rated and most trusted rangefinder in golf. The SkyCaddie Mobile GPS App is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

Since SkyCaddie Mobile runs on a smartphone, like all golf GPS apps, and not a precision-engineered and dedicated SkyCaddie device, it is NOT an equal substitute for a REAL SkyCaddie. However combined with the GT1, SkyCaddie Mobile is the best golf GPS app on the market because it is powered by the same ground-verified and error-corrected TrueGround Course Maps that are featured in all SkyCaddie rangefinders.

“By using the GT1 Booster with the App, you not only increase the accuracy by up to 300%, you also extend the battery life of your smartphone,” said Richard Edmonson, SkyGolf CEO. “The SkyCaddie Mobile user interface is clean, intuitive, and it highlights the brilliance of our TrueGround Course Maps. It is designed to intelligently present you with all of the critical distance information you need without requiring you to figure out where to look. SkyCaddie Mobile is the closest thing to a REAL SkyCaddie.”

The GT1 comes bundled with a SkyGolf 360 pre-paid card, which includes Premium access to SkyCaddie Mobile and SkyGolf 360 for advanced scoring analysis, stats features, advanced reports and charts, live scoring, and much more. SkyGolf 360 is a cloud-based service with its own App that hosts one of golf’s fastest growing online communities where golfers stay connected to their game, their courses, their equipment, their pro and each other.

SkyCaddie Mobile enables golfers to search SkyGolf’s extensive library of over 35,000 courses to find course ratings, scorecards and other helpful information such as prices, dress code and more. It also allows golfers to score their round as they play, capture basic stats for performance analysis and capture highlights and special moments with the integrated camera and notes feature.

SkyCaddie Mobile includes many of the same features that are available in SkyCaddie’s REAL GPS devices including:
• Interactive HoleVue in Vivid HD, which provides a bird’s-eye view of the entire hole and the distances needed to any point from tee to green to avoid hazards and play smart golf.
• Integrated HoleVue Targets. Golfers simply pinch and zoom HoleVue to seamlessly reveal the critical distances to all hazards, carries and layups, not just a few calculated layup yardages provided in other apps, all without changing screens to a list of targets that are hard to understand.
• Detailed Green Information allows golfers to view the exact shape of the green and get distances to the front, center and back from anywhere on the course.
• Auto-Hole Advance, which automatically advances to the next hole so the distances needed for the next shot are always ready.

The SkyGolf GT1 GPS Booster retails for $159.95. For more information, visit