New Bridgestone’s Tour B Series X-Blade and X-CB irons

Golf News

Bridgestone is catering to the better player with its Tour B Series iron lineup that’s comprised of two models: X-Blade and X-CB.

If the name “Tour B” sounds familiar, that’s because the company launched similar iron models last fall under the same name that included a blade and small cavity-back.

Endo forged from 1020 carbon steel, the X-Blade has minimal offset, a narrow sole for improved workability and slightly weaker lofts (35-degree 7-iron and 47-degree pitching wedge). The iron also features a forged weight pad positioned behind the impact zone that enhances feel and response.

The X-CB is also Endo forged from 1020 carbon steel and comes with a slightly larger profile and wider sole that gives the iron a lower center of gravity and more forgiveness through the turf. A forged weight pad was also added to the back of the head that improves feel.

Golfers will notice the X-CB irons have more aggressive lofts, when compared to X-Blade, particularly in the 6-, 7- and 8-irons where they are three degrees stronger (31, 35 and 39 degrees).

Bridgestone’s X-Blade and X-CB retail for $1,200 (4-PW) and come standard with Nippon’s Modus3 Tour shaft, along with 10 other premium options at no upcharge.